So I have signed up for my first Coursera online mooc, I have done a couple through Edx so I am not completely unfamiliar with online learning, however I am still a newbie with digital platform this and digital platform that, which is why I signed up for this unit;  I want to understand this brave new world and mine information out of it to build a better library  in our small rural community.

I like technology as a tool I don’t want to spend hours playing with it I simply want to understand it, use it and walk away, trouble is  I learn best through immersion methods which means to start with I do have to spend a fair junk of time with something before I can swing it, not a big deal for one new idea or device , however IT is constantly growing, like the “1950’s Blob” where do you draw the line????????

I love painting, reading, gardening, writing, mosaicing, believe it or not doing simple housework chores like watching a movie while I iron, hanging out with my teenage children and small grandchildren, making love to my husband of 30 years, sewing, hanging out with my friends while we discuss all things theological, playing with the dog, teaching the seniors of our community basic computer stuff, lego club with the local primary school kids, visiting my parents and hanging out on the phone with my sister……… in other words I have a life and I while I am happy to have technology be  a part of that and love seeing all that is out there I don’t want it to be my life nor do I understand which parts to choose or how to choose  which parts I let cross the drawbridge…..

When you sit with me if my phone rings the answering machine will get it or I’ll pick up the message left on message bank later after you have gone…if I am visiting with you then I am visiting with you and you have 100% of my attention….

So again why this course because maybe here I will learn how, what, where and when regarding all things digital, then I will choose  my destination rather than being carried like a leaf on the wind to the world of the Borg where all are assimilated and resistance is futile.