So after a horrendous day I came home and started on the first weeks course materials watching the intro and then the  first two movies, if I wasn’t depressed before I sat down I certainly was by the end of the first movie… For me it pointed to all that is wrong with our world and our interactions with technology where people now are slaves to their phones and IPads, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I find that city people are the worst they live closest together geographically and you would think they would want a little space, but you trying having a coffee with a city person and they are bound to take at least one phone call or text, if not more,  while they are with you….meanwhile us country folk living miles and miles apart are just the opposite, though some might say this is due more to bad reception than anything else…any maybe that’s true.

Thankfully the second movie brought a smile to my face and a little more joy with its whimsical modern day take on the wardrobe from Narnia..definitely Utopia for me…now if only a little more magic and one of those bags would appear on my desk.